Ecumenical Council

The Ecumenical Council meets regularly to look at how we work out our vision as a church, to consider new proposals and to monitor the finance and other practical issues related to the organisation of Cornerstone. The Chair of the Council is elected from the members of Council, who are both those who are elected from the congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting, usually held in April, and the ministers who are appointed to Cornerstone and other office holders: the treasurer and the clerk.  The churchwardens and the Chair of Cornerstone Trading (MK) attend the meetings, while not being members.

Working groups (committees) have been set up from the Council to oversee different aspects of church life.

The groups are:

  • Finance & Resources
  • Homelessness
  • Pastoral
  • Worship

Congregational meetings are also held where issues of importance are discussed with the whole congregation.