Category: Prayer of the Week

Prayer of the Week 26 November 2023

Sovereign God, the supreme ruler of all creation,
in your infinite wisdom you sent Jesus to bear witness to the truth: that you alone are the Lord of life. Grant us the unwavering ability to heed his voice at all times
so that we may boldly proclaim his dominion of justice, tranquillity, and boundless affection;
through him, who reigns ceaseless in our hearts as King of Kings.

Prayer of the Week 19 November 2023

Creator God, who has furnished us with all that we have, we give you praise and thanks.
Remind us of our gifts when we lose sight of them. Show us where and how to share them.
Give us the courage to offer them freely, as you give to us.
What others may seek to destroy, help us to protect and care,
and give us the conviction to stand fast when we are called to do so.
This we ask of you, in Jesus’ name.


Prayer of the Week 12 November 2023

[Minister] God of all nations; we pray for those who have been injured or disabled through war;
[Men] for those who have lost homes and security through conflict;
for those who have lost loved relatives in wars;
for those who face danger and take risks for peace.
[Women] We pray for all those, especially children, caught up in current conflicts;
for refugees and all those in need of aid and other help.
[Minister] God of encouragement and Saviour of the despairing,
[All] Comfort those who remember past sacrifices
and guide us in building a just and peaceful community for all.

Prayer of the Week 5 November 2023

Holy God, generations know your promises, your covenant of love.
Lord of all, every promise made, you remain faithful to fulfil,
for your ways are holy and your name is holly; all honour and glory belong to you.
So hold us and let your love surround us.
Draw us to your side, and as we wait, we will rise up like an eagle,
and we will soar with you as your spirt leads us on in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer of the Week 29 October 2023

Creator God, giver of life, you sustain the earth and direct the nations.
In this time of climate crisis grant us clarity to hear the groaning of creation and the cries of the poor;
challenge us to change our lifestyles; guide our leaders to take courageous action;
enable your church to be a beacon of hope;
and foster within us a renewed vision of your purposes for your world;
through Jesus Christ our Lord, by and for whom all things were made.

Prayer of the Week 22 October 2023

We praise you, Lord, for witnesses through the ages
who have told your story and made you real to the next generation.
So take our lives, we pray, and let them be consecrated, Lord, to you.
Take our moments, time together and our numbered days
and let them flow in ceaseless praise to you, merciful Lord.
Help us to put into practice what we learn when we are together
and to take the message of Hope and salvation through Jesus
beyond the walls of this church, to the glory of your name.

Prayer of the Week 8 October 2023

Let us pray, conscious that our prayer gives the Spirit a way of breaking into word and song
unique in all the universe,
so, for the words and songs within each of us, we give thanks.
Let us pray: believing we are bearers of a treasure, the Spirit of Life blessing us with a variety of gifts,
so, for the treasures we each bear, we give thanks.
Let us pray: mindful of God in Christ at work in our lives and of what may be possible,
so, we let go, allowing the Spirit to work freely in each of us.
Let us pray: inviting the Spirit of life, love, and goodness to move freely in our words and in our actions,
become in our lives the way to what we need, to what we can become,
and what we can do. In the name of Christ!

Prayer of the Week 1 October 2023

God of the unknown, as age draws in on us, irresistible as the tide,
make our life’s last quarter the best that there has been.
As our strength ebbs, release our inner vitality, all you have taught us over the years;
as our energy diminishes, increase our compassion, and educate our prayer.
You have made us human to share your divine life; grant us the first fruits;
make our life’s last quarter the best that there has been.

Prayer of the Week 24 September 2023

Gracious God, it is through your abundant provision that even those who grumble
and remain discontented receive all that is required for their existence.
Guide us in learning your ways of fairness and inspire us to embody your generosity,
so we may lead a life that reflects the gospel truths
revealed to us by your Son and our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Prayer of the Week 17 September 2023

God of all, we come to offer you the best of ourselves:
To take hold of mercy and to let go of fear.
To take hold of generosity and to let go of resentment;
To take hold of forgiveness and to let go of sin.
To take hold of forgiveness and to let go of sin:
To take hold of gratitude and to let go of grudge.
To take hold of all your very self, in Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Prayer of the Week 10 September 2023

Gracious God, we give you thanks for all the ways your Son draws us together in community.
We pray for those unable to worship alongside those they love:
for churches in turmoil and for all places where relationships are breaking.
And we ask your blessing on ourselves, on one another,
and on all who call upon you today in Jesus’ name.

Prayer of the Week 3 September 2023

Let us meet Jesus; in him we see God.
Let us seek his presence as a friend.
Let us follow him for his way is life and truth.
He will bring us where we need to be to do God’s work and be God’s people.

Prayer of the Week 27 August 2023

Lord Jesus Christ, Messiah, name above all names,
we worship and adore you for revealing yourself to us,
becoming one of us and calling each of us by name.
In you, we discover who we truly are, for you lead us to become the people you mean us to be,
one with you and with one another in your Church.

Prayer of the Week 13 August 2023

Blessed are you, creator God of the universe, you come to us in our need.
You comfort us in our fear and rescue us when we are sinking.
We offer you the praise of our thankful hearts.
Here in this holy place we see Jesus and he calls us to come.
He calls us to follow him out of this safe place and into the difficult waters of life.
We need have no fear, as he takes our hand, lifts us up and saves us.
However small our faith we need not doubt, for he truly is the Son of God
and we come to worship him.