Pastoral network

Cornerstone’s pastoral network spreads far and wide.

If you are new to Cornerstone we invite you to complete a welcome leaflet so we can get to know you.

We have a system of ‘church friends’ where particular get to know each other, watch out for each other and notice if you’re not around.

We have visitors who meet up with some people in their homes or other ways, for those with particular needs, and a lot more informal visiting of those who are sick or struggling.

We have a team of pastoral workers, people who are in the building at Cornerstone during weekdays to listen to the needs of anyone who comes in. They may not always be able to meet those needs but often can suggest someone who may be able to. They are also able to pray with you.

We have an email prayer network so that prayer concerns can be shared among people without making a great deal of noise about it. If you wish the network to pray for you or anyone that you are concerned about – let us know by sending an email to

And, of course, we have the ministers who support the pastoral work of others and are available when needed.