Daily Prayers Thursday, 8 December 2022

Prayers for the Day, Thursday

Dear Heavenly Father
open our eyes to see the breakthroughs and seasons of divine interventions in our lives so that we can be reassured that we never walk alone even though we might appear to be alone. Whatever we are going through you are there with a gentle hand on our shoulders and kind and encouraging words in our ears.

Dear Lord open our eyes to the beauty of your creation and the awesomeness of the nature around us. May we feel the divine energy and the deliberate purpose of their presence in our universe.

Dear Father open our eyes to the wisdom they represent so that we see that tree in our neighbourhood as a symbol of strength as it remains and stands strong in the face of the stormy weathers and other challenging conditions.

May we notice the changing cycle the tree goes through every year from Autumn to the Summer.

Help us realise that in the same way when we loose our leaves(challenges we face) as long as we believe in your steadfast love and keep your words wrapped warmly around us, our leaves will grow back in the Spring of our lives (our breakthroughs) and blossom in the Summer (Our abundant blessings).

As we step into the end of the year may we take time to look back on our journey so far and see the landmarks of your presence throughout the journey and be thankful and review where we can do better, love better, care better, rest better, serve better, listen better, be more present in days ahead and in the next year.

Dear Father we thank you so much for today and feel blessed that once again we get a chance to fulfill the calling for which you have placed us on earth.

Dear Father as we go about our day, please guide us and show us the way to fulfill this calling, bring us in contact with the people that will help us fulfill this calling…put them in our path, O Lord.

Hear our prayers, dear Father in Jesus name. Amen.

Chinwe Osaghae