Author: Robin.Kyd

Prayer of the Week 26 June 2022

Creator God, who brought your people into a productive earth,
and sends showers of blessing that the earth shall yield its increase;
flourish within us your gift of faith that, in our worship, our churches and communities,
we may honour and renew your creation and join in obedience with others
and the created universe to give glory and praise to Jesus Christ, the first born of all creation.

Service of the Word – Live streamed – Trinity Sunday, 12 June 2022

 A separate video feed of the choir is available here. Preacher: Revd George Mwaura Led by: Revd Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga Gathering Music Welcome Call to Worship God calls us in this moment. Jesus welcomes us to this moment. The Spirit unites us in this moment. Come and worship! [Silence] Loving God, as we gather in this...

Prayer of the Week 12 June 2022

God, the Holy Trinity, we come to worship you.
We worship you as Creator; we worship you as Saviour; we worship you as Sustainer.
As we worship you today in prayer and word, and song,
help us to understand you better and to follow day by day.
God, the Holy Trinity, guide and sustain us this and every day.

Prayer of the Week 5 June 2022

God of all nations, on this day of Pentecost we praise you for the power of your Holy Spirit,
equipping each of us for our life’s work.
We celebrate especially the wonderful work of our Queen,
who has put loyalty before her royalty through all the ages of her reign.
And who, day by day, has served you her God and Christ her King with humility, resilience and grace.
Thank you for all she is and all she has done to your glory.